The Robert Tannahill Federation


Come join us on an exclusive guided walking tour of Robert Tannahill's world, as we trace the poet's life and steps through the town of Paisley. You will be expertly guided by the president of the Robert Tannahill Federation himself, Davey Mullen.

Highlighted in the two hour walk, will be various landmarks of Robert Tannahill's past, including his birthplace. An informative pamphlet is included, and 30 days prior notice requested.

Extended tours are also available by private arrangement, and will involve visiting areas surrounding Paisley featured in many of Robert Tannahill's songs and poems.

Please send an email using the following link: 

Here are some images from a few of the locations:

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Robert Tannahill's Cottage

11 Queen Street, Paisley, built in 1775. The place where Tannahill lived from early infancy.

Robert Tannahill Monument

Erected in 1866 beside his grave at Castlehead Church, Canal Street, Paisley.

Jenny Tennant's Burial Place

Jenny Tennant "Jessie, the flower of Dunblane". Her grave at Castlehead Church, Canal Street, Paisley.

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